Project GD STI- Getting it Slowed Down with Stoptech


The drum rear parking brake is the main reason why there is no street upgrade for the STI from Stoptech.  The parking brake drum is a large diameter and comes very close to the friction surface of the rotor.  This makes it very hard to get clearance for the hardware needed to bolt a two piece rotor together on this particular car.  Stoptech does make a racing rear brake upgrade with no parking brake.
The rear caliper also mounts to this stock bracket.  Stoptech did not want to put a bracket on a bracket.
We painted our rear caliper to match our front caliper better.  We used G2's excellent caliper paint.  The G2 paint is a two part epoxy that resists brake fluid and dries very smooth and hard with a very high gloss.  The paint is very thick and levels out to a high shine over several hours. We should not have ordered the metallic silver as it is full of large metal flakes that don't mix well in the paint and spray out in uneven clumps.  This makes the paint cure in swirlies.  If we wanted to be critical, it doesn't look as good as a regular silver from G2 would.
You can see the unevenness of the flakes in this picture.  You can also see the nice gloss of the paint.  It doesn't look bad enough for us to redo.
As a final step we bled our brake system with Motul 660 – high temp brake fluid.  Stoptech uses a water based pressure test fluid at the factory so it is important to get it all out of the system.  We used a pressure bleeder to move a big volume of fresh fluid through the system to flush out the test fluid.  Since pressure bleeding sometimes causes bubbles in the brake system, we then manually bled the brakes afterwards.
Our brakes look awesome!

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