Project GD STI: Getting More Power with Precision Turbo and Cobb Tuning! – Part 1


Now the turbo is in place and it is time to start hooking up the intake, downpipe and charge pipes as well as the oil feed, drain and coolant lines.
Howard decided to change the angle of the oil drain slightly to perfectly line up with the stock downpipe.  This was not 100% necessary but it made the fit perfect and took stress off the rubber drain tube.  Howard cut a wedge out of the drain pipe like so.
Next Howard TIG welded it all back together.
The downpipe, oil drain, feed and coolant lines were all installed. 
Our Cobb downpipe came close to rubbing on the crossmember brace so Howard clearanced it sightly to make sure it would not rattle.
The slight change in downpipe alignment did not seem to mess up the fit of our Greddy exhaust.
Our Perrin intake pipe that we were previously using with the stock turbo would not fit the new larger inlet of the Precision Turbo so we had to order Perrin's larger 3″ intake pipe from their WD Turn 14 Distribution.  Actually Turn 14 Distribution had this in stock and ready to ship when it was backordered for weeks from Perrin.  Turn 14 Distribution was a lifesaver! The Perrin intake pipe is essential if you are trying to do a stock position turbo as the OEM piece is ridiculously restrictive. There is very little room where the tube has to go and its soft silicone construction means it can squish into place. It may be soft but it is molded with multiple plies of reinforcement so it won't collapse under wide open throttle either.

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