Project GD STI, Installing an Upgraded Precision Ball Bearing Drop In Turbo and Larger Injector Dynamics Injectors

Jason reinstalled our new Precision Ball Bearing Turbo in the reverse order of removing it.  It dropped right in.  The only thing he had to was slightly reclock the exhaust housing for clearance but this was pretty easy.

The turbo is in place with all heat-sensitive areas protected.

The OEM turbine housing heat shield can be bolted right back on for more protection. One of the advantages of the Precision Turbo is that the exhaust housing is cast out of stainless steel.  This has about half of the thermal conductivity of your typical cast iron turbine housing.  This also helps keep heat out of the engine compartment.

There is now no rubber anywhere near any hot sports.

The turbo installation is very clean and reminiscent of the OEM installation.   This could help you if you are pulled over although we would probably be screwed by our not so stock looking front mount piping and billet Process West intake manifold.  We are considering powder coating everying in STI wrinkle red to resemble the stock stuff.


  1. Dreams I tell you. Dreams. I wish I can just be a spectator at the tuning session. Seriously. DM me on IG lol

  2. Re stock location: BCP x500r please explain to me why this $2k journal bearing turbo is just hype and not real… don’t let me be fooled

  3. It looks like there’s quite a difference between the 55mm and 58mm compressor wheel beyond the size. 7 primary vanes vs 6. The leading edge is swept vs straight. Is the 58mm a newer generation wheel vs the 55mm or is it just the size warrants different vane geometry to improve flow?

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