Project GD STI, Installing an Upgraded Precision Ball Bearing Drop In Turbo and Larger Injector Dynamics Injectors

Next, it was time to drop in our 1700cc/min Injector Dynamics injectors.  Our 1300cc/min injectors were maxed out at 95% duty cycle so we had to go bigger.

If you ever have had to swap injectors on a stock EJ257, you know it’s a several-hour nightmare.  Converting to top feed injectors using IAG Performance’s fuel rails makes this go from several hours to maybe 20 minutes.  The Process West intake has more clearance to route everything under as well.

Everything is installed!  Now it’s time to visit Church Automotive Testing to get our ECU retuned with our access port to match our new stuff.  We cannot wait to see the potential of our IAG motor unleashed!  Stay tuned for more.

Project STI is a very in-depth well integrated modded car with a lot of engineering, to read about all we have done click here. 


Precision Turbo

Injector Dynamics


IAG Performance







  1. Dreams I tell you. Dreams. I wish I can just be a spectator at the tuning session. Seriously. DM me on IG lol

  2. Re stock location: BCP x500r please explain to me why this $2k journal bearing turbo is just hype and not real… don’t let me be fooled

  3. It looks like there’s quite a difference between the 55mm and 58mm compressor wheel beyond the size. 7 primary vanes vs 6. The leading edge is swept vs straight. Is the 58mm a newer generation wheel vs the 55mm or is it just the size warrants different vane geometry to improve flow?

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