Project GD STI- Keeping Cool and Protected with 3M Crystalline Tint and Protective Film


The first step in installing tint involves thoroughly cleaning the glass inside and out.  Any little dust spec can mess up your tint job so this is important.  Everything is scraped with a razor and cleaned several times before proceeding.


A generous sheet of tint with it's plastic backing is laid out over the window glass on top of the glass and roughly trimmed to size.

This heat blocking technology means that the car's AC system works much less, thereby saving fuel.  A less taxed AC system puts less strain on the car’s cooling system, important in a tow vehicle like our Tundra. The tough polyester based film also improves safety as the glass if broken in an accident does not fly in many sharp fragments but stays in one softer piece that is less likely to cut or injure you. Crystalline’s exceptional heat and UV blocking ability means that your vehicles’ interior will last much longer without fading or cracking.

The tint is then dry squeegeed to the outside of the glass.

Just how well Crystalline works has to be experienced to be believed.  It makes a huge difference in how cool your car is.  A parked car will be 10-15 degrees cooler in the summer heat than it would with conventional tint.  When driving in hot conditions you can really feel it work and how your air conditioner will always be able to keep your car's interior cool no matter how hot it is outside.  You can really feel the difference.  If you are sensitive to sunlight, the tint has a SPF of something like 1000!

A heatgun is used to shrink the tint to fit the curve of the glass really well.  This enables the use of one sheet of tint to cover a glass section with complex curves.  A lot of tint shops have to use several pieces but the the guys at the Tint Factory can use techniques like this to use only one sheet of tint for a whole window.



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