Project GD STI- Keeping Cool and Protected with 3M Crystalline Tint and Protective Film


The film is rolled and trimmed at the ends of the body panels.
Complex curves require the alcohol mix and lots of squeegeeing time.
For really tricky curves, the film is heated with a steamer to get it pliable enough to fit without wrinkles.
For film application, a stiff urethane squeegee is used with a lot of force.
The film is also applied to headlights.  This keeps them from chipping and turning yellow and foggy from UV damage.  For a car stored outside this is a big plus!
The Tint Factory Boss Frank Garrido poses with his handywork.  If you live in the So Cal area, the Tint Factory does first class work, enough so that we drive from Orange County just to have Frank and the Crew work on our cars.  There is a difference in a tint job done by craftsmen vs the $200 dollar el cheapo tint jobs you can get from the ad in the Pennysaver in the durability and the look of the install, not to mention the quality of the materials.

3M Crystalline is an expensive tint costing 2-3x more than conventional tinting film.  However it works so good that it is the only tint we will use on our higher end project cars.  It may seem like hype but it has to be experienced to be believed.  If you live in a hot and sunny climate and if you care about UV damage to your car's interior, you really need to try this stuff, you won't be disappointed.

If you care about your car's paint and drive on the track or highway frequently 3M's protective films will keep your paint looking good without all the stupid looking ricy blue painters tape so many people put all over their cars.

With our car cool and protected, check out Project GD next time as we have rounds of new stuff coming in the power, brake and suspension department!


3M Window Films (Renewable Energy Division)

Frank Garrido – Owner
Tint Factory Solar Concepts Inc – 3M Authorized Dealer
2033 South La Cienega Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90034


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