Project GD STI- Keeping Cool and Protected with 3M Crystalline Tint and Protective Film


The tint is squeegeed from the center out to the sides.

We also had The Tint Factory install 3M’s polyurethane Scotchgard paint protective film to the front end of Project GD STI.  Our STI has nearly perfect paint and we wanted to preserve it from thrown up road debris and off track excursions. 

With all the pre shaping and shrinking the tint lays right out and smoothes out perfectly.

Scotchgard paint protective film is a clear tough polyurethane film that resists clouding and yellowing.  It was developed for our armed forces to protect helicopter blades from abrasive damage in dusty conditions.  With skill it can be applied nearly anywhere to protect a car's finish from abrasion without damaging the paint.  It can be removed and reapplied anytime if necessary.  When correctly applied it is almost invisible to the eye.

This special long and flexible squeegee works near the dash really well.
The process is repeated on the rear and side windows.
The tint looks good squeegeed out!



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