Project Gen 3STi: Testing the COBB intake with some anti-bling.


Subaru STi OEM intakeSubaru STi OEM intake removal 
With the OEM duct removed you can see how air is fed to the intake. This duct is re-used in the COBB installation. 

The intake also features every part needed to install it and not just your typical nuts and bolts. Stainless allen head bolts with plastic washers to keep from marring the anodized perfection. COBB also engineered the airbox to integrate with and be fed by the OEM air inlet.  The OEM inlet is well designed in that it uses a strategically placed opening at the top of the grill to feed the inlet duct with fresh air entering the grill.

Subaru STi OEM intake grill
The air flowing through the grill is given an area to flow in to the OEM intake duct. These vents allow the air to flow to the next picture… 



Subaru STi OEM air diverter
This OEM diverter ensures the all of the air the flows through the top of the grill gets routed in to the OEM duct. 


Cobb SF intake installation Project STi 2008Cobb SF intake and airbox installation 
Here you can see the Airbox in all its glory. With the top on you can see the provision for the OEM intake duct.  


COBB SF intake and airbox OEM integration install
The COBB airbox is designed to integrate with the OEM duct. All the benefits of a cold air intake without the less than ideal fender well placement. 

The install is fairly straight forward though it does take some patience because these pieces are all very precise in their design. It's certainly not a slapped together “good enough” design by any means. I actually made a mistake by trying to put the cold air box top on before installing the OEM inlet duct only to discover it wasn't possible to do that. Yeah… read the instructions despite the simplicity. If you have ever read any of my other stuff you will surely know I am a sucker for things done to perfection and before I try and pry my head out of COBB's posterior I will tell you, everything we have installed from them so far has been exactly that. Every piece of hardware, nut, bolt, design ideal has been engineered, implemented, and fabricated very well. Yes there are other choices and yes they work.  We may seem biased, but I refuse to step away from things that are functional, reliable, and proven.

Cobb SF intake and airbox installed
Here is the intake completely installed. It really fits BETTER than a factory piece! 


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