Project Gen 3STi: Testing the COBB intake with some anti-bling.


In addition to the diagnostic tools, the AccessPORT also features a performance testing feature set. Under the Performance menu you can test your 0-60 MPH time, 1/4 mile performance, and dyno results. We decided that we would use the nearby dragstrip to test the accuarcy of these features. 

COBB AccessPORT 1/4 mile test feature
The AccessPORT revealed a 13.1 @ 106.9 MPH. The car actually ran 13.00 @ 105 MPH at the track. The 60' measurement was off on the AccessPORT however with the limited passes that we were able to make it gave us a VERY close comparison. Honestly I was shocked at how close it was each time we tested it. We only had three passes but on each one the AccessPORT was within .2 on ET and within 2.5 MPH. 


COBB AccessPORT dyno test project STi  MotoIQ
When we tested this we had no idea if the results were accurate. So we stored the data and saved it for our dyno time. If you are interested in the results “pan down”; yes that is a revenge of the nerds reference! After all this is MotoIQ and we ARE Nerds here!

After daily driving the car and communicating with Mitch we had what we thought was a good tune and dialed up our friends at AMS to get the car on one of their dynos. AMS uses two different dynos at their facility and our past two runs have been on their Mustang dyno to keep things consistent. For this installment that dyno was occupied by some 1K+ horsepower super secret missile and as such we used their dynojet dynamometer for this test. Before anyone cries foul let me raise the objection for you! How can we compare our results from our previous dyno runs to these results? AHH but that is very simple! You see AMS has obviously had many occasions to dyno the same car with the same mods on both dynos and yes, even on the same day! The result is that the dynojet we used for this test reads 8% higher than the mustang! 8% regardless of power level is what they have found and when Chris Black tells me this well I simply smile and take it as gospel! Fact of the matter is I am certain they know far more than you or I about their dynos and as such I am going to use the 8% value to correct our previous #'s and compare them to the latest results. Last we left off Project STi made 261 WHP and 301 WTQ on the mustang dyno. These results were achieved with a COBB down-pipe and exhaust and Mitch's AMS custom tune. With the 8% difference in dyno readings these numbers would equate to 281 WHP and 325 WTQ. This of course is on 93 octane pump gas and a peak boost of 21.3 PSI.

MotoIQ Project GR STi Stage 2 dyno AMS Mitch McKee
Our last dyno left us with 261WHP and 301 WTQ on the AMS mustang dynamometer. We corrected these with the known 8% increase that AMS has documented as the standard difference between the Mustang and their Dynojet. The above #'s equate to 281 WHP and 325 WTQ.


As usual we showed up at AMS to severe feelings of inferiority. The parking lot is littered with 1K plus HP GTR's and other beasts… With their typical surgical precision the car was strapped down securely and everything was double checked. When I walked in to the dyno room a tech was rubbing in the fenderwell and I had a curious look on my face. “Making sure there is plenty of tire clearance”… he spat out. They really do check everything! Chris Black came in and we discussed the details of what we wanted to document and he disclosed the 8% difference and we made some notes about our previous dyno pulls on the Mustang. He fired up the STi, ripped off 3 pulls and the results were quite impressive. The intake and E-Tune from COBB netted us 301 WHP and 359 WTQ at 20.4 PSI of peak boost. The car pulled great run after run and the #'s were within 3 WHP and 5 lb ft of each other on every run. One run we logged 303 WHP however the average was right around 301-302. Comparing this to our previous “dyno change corrected” #'s that is a gain of approximately 20 WHP and 34 lb ft. of torque! Area under the curve was improved and the gains were across the board! Of course our preference would have been to be on the exact same dyno. However in this case we stand by the results as we have a documented baseline between the two dynos from some of the most respected tuners in the industry!

MotoIQ Project GR STi Stage 2+ dyno AMS COBB Tuning Mitch McKee
301 WHP 359 WTQ with our Stage 2+ setup. 20 WHP and 34 lb ft. of torque from the “SF” intake. If you know what “SF” intake stands for leave a message in the comments section ;) 

If you compare the COBB AccessPORT dyno test results the numbers are quite a bit higher yes, however if you take the time to get the exact vehicle weight input and perform the test correctly you can get a very good baseline. This is NOT a tool to increase the size of your on-line dyno cred factor, but rather a tuning tool to document gains between parts. 

Not only does the intake make GREAT power it also will feed your inner speed geek with its sound. Cobb prides themselves on how EVERYTHING works and their exhaust and intake really do add some audible appeal to driving the car. I swore I would keep this car quiet and OEM like however these upgrades are just enough to know what is happening with the car without sounding like a rice boy! Just like every other Cobb piece we have tested the intake performs amazingly well and is well thought out. This is Wes Dumalski from WCOB radio signing off until our next installment where we dive in to other parts of Project GR STi…. 

 Without these fine folks our project would suck! 

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