Project Integra DC2: Keeping Things Cool with CSF and HPS


HPS silicone hoses will replace the dangerously worn rubber pieces that had seen better days. HPS contours their hoses for a perfect factory fitment.

The HPS hoses are a direct drop in part molded to the stock configuration.  They use high temp, low permeability silicone reinforced with 4 plys of polyester fabric.  These hoses can resist up to 350 degrees and have a much higher burst strength than stock.  They will last about 4 times longer than stock as well, possibly the life of the car!


This upper radiator hose was a ticking time bomb, and likely the only thing keeping it from rupturing was the fact that it leaked on both ends which helped relieve pressure.  
With the car cool and the water drained, Howard of TechnoSquare removes the dismal stock cooling parts.  
The CSF Race radiator makes the factory unit look more like an AC condensor than anything.  
The core size and end tank volume is doubled which will provide much more water capacity, also aiding in cooler temperatures.

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