Project Integra DC2: Keeping Things Cool with CSF and HPS


The stock radiator fan went in with no problem.  The AC fan on the other hand needed some trimming due to the added thickness of the core and a non OE header which made for a tight fit. 
Nothing a little careful grinding by Howard couldn't fix.  After modification, the AC fan had zero clearance issues. 
The fan brackets on the CSF radiator fit the OE fans tabs with no issue even with the increase in core size. 
The HPS hoses also had no issues with fitment and lined up great with the CSF radiator. 
All tucked away and fully functional with all the stock corresponding parts.  

Now that the cooling system isn't a disaster waiting to happen, our Project DC2 Integra is ready to hit the road reliably while having sufficient overhead for track usage. We will now start shifting our focus to more performance oriented modifications in the name of finding maximum pace at Buttonwillow Raceway Park. 



CSF Race

HPS Silicone Hoses 


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