Project IS-F gets an Amazing Facelift with Wicked Auto Detailing

The crew at Wicked started to attempt to remove the old clear bra.  The big lesson to us was to never let your clear bra get this bad!  Once it is in this poor of a condition, it is almost impossible to get off!  Wicked first tried to use high-pressure steam to get the film off.  The steam softens the adhesive and then it can be blown under the film to lift it.  Usually….

Our rotten film would not budge no matter how hard it was blasted by the steam.

Next Wicked laid down a towel and poured boiling water on the film using the hot towel to steam the surface.

After the hot towel treatment, plastic scrapers were used to try to get the film off. Not much luck, the film was so rotten it would just come off in small chunks.

Finally, a heat gun with a plastic scraper was used, taking the film off like old house paint off your door. This sort of worked.

This diffuser was tried with a really big streamer but it didn’t help very much.


  1. Wow! Huge transformation, I removed some clear bra sections off of my Scion FR-S and it was such a PITA. Here in Florida, like California we get year-round sunshine which really puts a beating on clear bras, paint, and pretty much anything it reaches. Mike, do you think Toyota/Lexus put in any extra work into the paint on this car being that it was a special edition? I know they recently have shown the paint process on limited colors (that fancy blue I can’t remember the name of) so I’m wondering if any technology similar to the Euro luxury brands was applied.

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