Project IS-F gets an Amazing Facelift with Wicked Auto Detailing

Next, the area of the wide-body was covered where the wheels could kick up rocks. The entire front fenders were covered too. Now our car was done.  This whole process was pretty thorough and actually took a week to do.

We thought our car was in pretty good shape but after Wicked got done with it, all we could say is wow!  Our paint is amazing, super glossy, and smooth.  By taking off the yellowed micro-scratched topmost surface of the clearcoat, the paint now has an awesome warm silver glow that we think might be better than when the car was new.  You can even see the glow in this picture! Our car had been detailed by lower-cost places and it was never better than what we could do at home, but the work Wicked did was really outstanding.

It’s hard to believe that this is a 10-year-old daily!  The process to give our car a facelift was somewhat costly but worth every penny, restoring our car in addition to sealing and protecting it.  We can’t get over how good the car is looking and how our amateur car care is nothing like what the pros can do.  We are so wowed by the process, we are going to run some of our other cars through this.  Thank you Wicked Auto Detailing for making us fall in love with our IS-F again.


Wicked Auto Detailing


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  1. Wow! Huge transformation, I removed some clear bra sections off of my Scion FR-S and it was such a PITA. Here in Florida, like California we get year-round sunshine which really puts a beating on clear bras, paint, and pretty much anything it reaches. Mike, do you think Toyota/Lexus put in any extra work into the paint on this car being that it was a special edition? I know they recently have shown the paint process on limited colors (that fancy blue I can’t remember the name of) so I’m wondering if any technology similar to the Euro luxury brands was applied.

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