Project IS-F gets an Amazing Facelift with Wicked Auto Detailing

The Ceramic coating was applied with microfiber pads, It was smoothed down one area at a time, then leveled with a wet microfiber.

The coating used is SPS Coatings Graphene Coating. The SPS coating is made of Graphene nanoparticles held in a polymer binder.  The coating is hydrophilic, very resistant to water, surface contaminates, and abrasion.

The SPS coating has a wet glossy look and protects against UV light as well as the usual bird crap, dead bugs, road tar, and sap. The coating is rated to give 5 years of protection.

After ceramic coating, the next step was to reinstall a new clear bra.  Clear bra material has come a long way in ten years and the new bras are much more clear and glossy, stretch more so installations are cleaner with wrapped edges and few seams, are hydrophilic to repel water and deposits and actually self heal and re gloss up when heated with a heat gun or hot water.

The backing paper was removed and the adhesive side was sprayed with soapy water to aid installation.

Wicked used Stek Dynoshield to cover the front of the car.  Stek Dynoshield is currently the top high-end paint protective film.  Not only does it repel water and staining debris, it self heals and re glosses. It is crystal clear and super glossy. On top of all that it has a 10-year warranty.


  1. Wow! Huge transformation, I removed some clear bra sections off of my Scion FR-S and it was such a PITA. Here in Florida, like California we get year-round sunshine which really puts a beating on clear bras, paint, and pretty much anything it reaches. Mike, do you think Toyota/Lexus put in any extra work into the paint on this car being that it was a special edition? I know they recently have shown the paint process on limited colors (that fancy blue I can’t remember the name of) so I’m wondering if any technology similar to the Euro luxury brands was applied.

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