Project IS-F gets an Amazing Facelift with Wicked Auto Detailing

Wicked started by covering our entire hood.  Previously clear bra could not be fit seamlessly over such a large curved surface, hence before only the hoods leading edge was covered, but now it’s handled in one piece with completely wrapped edged with no problem.  Our super detailed hood is now sealed in and protected.

The Dynoshield was installed like a large decal with soapy water which is squeegeed out.  Once the bubbles were gone, the film was trimmed and wrapped around the edges of the hood for a seamless, invisible look.

Next, the process was repeated for the front bumper.  Soapy water was applied to the adhesive side of the film and it was placed over the nose of the car.

The film was stretched and squeegeed down in place.

The film was trimmed and wrapped around the details of the front of the car.  A few relief cuts were needed to prevent bubbling but the front of the car was still done in one piece and the seams were hardly visible. This was a big improvement over our old clear bra that had unwrapped edges and many seams that could be seen.

The headlights and foglights were also covered in the new film.  The film does its job and keeps your headlights looking brand new for years without fogging.


  1. Wow! Huge transformation, I removed some clear bra sections off of my Scion FR-S and it was such a PITA. Here in Florida, like California we get year-round sunshine which really puts a beating on clear bras, paint, and pretty much anything it reaches. Mike, do you think Toyota/Lexus put in any extra work into the paint on this car being that it was a special edition? I know they recently have shown the paint process on limited colors (that fancy blue I can’t remember the name of) so I’m wondering if any technology similar to the Euro luxury brands was applied.

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