Project Isuzu Vehicross: Part 6 – Getting Sprung With Old Man Emu


The new spring is also slightly taller than the original.  OME ensures the coils are direct fit, perfectly matching the perch pattern of the original Isuzu spring.  Because of the added length, a coil compressor is needed to install the new springs.
The OME springs are not only taller than the Isuzu springs, but also feature slightly thicker coil wire.  This should increase the spring rate, perfect for improving stability when towing.
The install is very straightforward, pretty much the opposite of removal.  The only exception is the passenger side top shock bolt.  There is an electrical box that makes reinserting the bolt difficult.  We ended up loosening the mounting bracket on the box to get enough room to slip the bolt back in.  The springs and shocks fit perfectly with no surprises.  This is the quality we expect with OME parts.
Up front, the shock has one fat bolt at the bottom and a smaller top nut securing the damper in place.  This view gave us PTSD flashbacks to working on our power steering.  Removing the rubber fender liner is actually unnecessary for replacing the shocks, so you can skip that step.

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  1. I have really appreciated your Vehicross tutorials. I went with your advice on the Curt install and it made the project a breeze. I have a 1999 that I would like to tackle the lift on but with all the concerns you shed light on I am on hold for now. Looking forward to more of your posts.
    Thank You

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