Project Mustang 5.0 (White)-Reducing Understeer with Ford Racing


The bushings shown here are a very high durometer for minimal deflection. The rear bushing holder is lower which reduces anti dive and kicked a little outwards which gives more positive caster.  This helps traction under trail braking, adds a little more negative camber under turn in and yields greater straight ahead stability.
If you lower the lower control arm outer pivot point, you will increase bump steer unless you lower the outer tie rod end by the corresponding amount as well.  Ford Racing sells this bump steer correction kit which replaces the outer tie rod with a rod end bearing and the tie rod stud with a long tapered shank.  This fixes the bump steer and also allows the end user to tune the bump steer curve if they desire with different spacers.
As a start, Howard Watanabe removes the lower control arm ball joint bolt.  The ball joint has a clamp instead of a tapered shaft so removing it is relatively easy.
Next ,Howard removes the outer tie rod end.
Next Howard removes the inner pivot botls.
The arm is about ready to be taken out.


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