Project Mustang 5.0 (White)-Reducing Understeer with Ford Racing


Howard greases all of the bushings with a grease gun.
All is good and ready to go.  The kit should reult in a significant decrease in front roll and a big increase in front grip over stock on our car.
This shows  how tight the clearance between the outer tie rod bearing and the wheel can be when it is set with the lowest combination of spacers.
After lowering and adding our Ford Racing parts, a precision alignment is a must so we brought our car to West End Alignment to get everything adjusted to our liking.  Darrin Nishimura of West End started the alignment process by setting the tire pressures.  Somehow the tires were at 44 psi cold! Christina! We lowered the pressures to 36 lbs to start.
After spraying on a stripe of white paint, Darren scribed a thin white line on the tire to serve as a measuring point when checking toe.
Next Darren checked the baseline camber.  When aligning cars generally the camber is set first.

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