Project Mustang 5.0 (White)-Reducing Understeer with Ford Racing


The stock lower control arm is compared to the Ford Racing part.   You can see how the ball joint angle is much different on the Ford Racing Part.
You can clearly see how big and mushy the stock rear lower control arm bushing is compared to the Ford Racing part here.  The rubber is soft and has compliance slots cut into it.  It probably allows over 1/2 inch of movement under load.
The Ford Racing ball joint is pretty trick.  You can adjust the play out of it as it wears and it has a zerk fitting for easy lubrication.
The rear lower control arm bushing bracket is bolted into place.
The ball joint and bump steer kit are bolted down.
We used the spacers to drop the outer tie rod as low as it would go.  We would have to be careful of rim clearance.

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