Project Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R – Part 6: Clutch, Diverter valves, catch cans, and Dyno testing. Going from terrible.

It’s been several months since we’ve updated you on our Project Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R. We battled some gremlins and figured things out along the way, and are finally moving forward. Let us bring you up to speed with all that has transpired.

To Recap, we did a Radium Engineering fuel system with Deatchwerks’ 1200cc high-impedance injector setup, which was good for up to 600 WHP on E85 and 800 WHP on 91-93 octane. The car was running awesome this way.
Radium stuff always looks great under the hood. There’s the fuel rail with shock-proof gauge and adjustable fuel pressure regulator featured last time.
At the end of the last article we’d promised you some underneath pics of the Radium Engineering fuel line setup and bracketry. Looks really clean.

Since the Part 5 of this R33 GT-R series, we’ve teamed up with Enjuku Racing, which makes it easy to source a great deal of aftermarket and OE Nissan parts for the Skyline GT-R.

With Enjuku Racing, we started by ordering a Spec clutch through them. Knowing the stock clutch was still in the car, we wanted to upgrade to something more capable of handling the added power. As we can see, the unit comes very well packaged.


  1. Hi Dustin, keeping the Borg Warner 8374 for sure! It’s good for 700whp so no need to go bigger and it’s just a great-responding and robust turbo that fits my needs for this car. Thanks

  2. I’ve always known that speed is a question of capital. It would be interesting to see what kind of investment you currently have.

  3. Appreciate the comment/question, Tim. I would have to go on a limb and say I wouldn’t really agree with that saying. As an example, I could have simply kept the old 67mm turbo/manifold setup, which was good for even more HP than this BW8374 is, and simply needed to upgrade my clutch, injectors, and fuel pumps to get to a similar hp level, vs all that I did. But I was going for a more refined package overall, which will take more money, yes. I don’t know exactly how much yet. But once you start to get into an engine build, simply add $10k to whatever parts you’ve already got going on.
    But if tuned correctly, an RB26 should be able to withstand up to 500whp on the top end if you limit the torque (because 500whp at 7800 rpm is just 337 lb-ft of torque at 7800 RPM), all you need to choose is your turbo, have enough fuel (injectors/pump), a decent clutch, and a preferably a 3-in exhaust. And then lastly your tuning or EMS. So the costs will depend on what you use, as it will vary greatly. And for anything well over 400 lb-ft of torque (which is 600+whp if torque is held at 8000 RPM), I’d start to think about an engine build (so, add $10k plus to that previous build).

  4. Hey Pablo, another awesome project, thanks for the updates! Your Supra series was so inspiring I took another(dirtbag cheap) way (is300) to hear some similar turbo noises. Also going to try my hand at writing an article about it. Good taste is cars and mods , it’s all about a fun ride for me too

  5. This is so funny. I also have a black r33, 8374 and the same te37s on mine. Loving the write up on the fuel system as I could use more fuel to hit my goals. Love these hope you keep it going!!!

  6. Looking forward to seeing the results, great format to follow the project through.

    Funny enough, i’m also nearing the completion of my own project after way too many years inside the garage, also a R33 GTR, painted in KN6 from factory, running a BW8374. Although running a 30/26 combo and external gates.

    It’s nice to see what solutions other people have decided to go with, looking forward to the next update!


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