Project NSX: Part 10 – AeroWerkZ Paint Correction and Stek PPF Install

To protect our freshly painted NSX, we visited the experts at AeroWerkZ for a full paint correction and wrapped the entire car in Stek’s “DYNOshield” Paint Protection Film (PPF).

AeroWerkZ is an incredible facility located in City of Industry, California.  They are a Ceramic Pro Authorized Dealer who does everything from Vinyl Wraps and Graphics Designs, to Paint Protection Film Installs, Window Tinting, Paint Correction, Car Detailing, Caliper Painting, Powder Coating, Exhaust & Aero Installs and more…

AeroWerkZ LobbyTheir lobby is a work of art with a nice décor, fish tank, and wall of glass overlooking the work stations.

AeroWerkZ City of Industry CaliforniaEach bay has dedicated lines for filtered water, compressed air, and electricity in addition to an array of bright white and ‘warmer’ lighting to monitor the progress of paint correction and wrap installs in various lighting conditions.  This enables AeroWerkZ to immediately spot potential problems that would normally go unnoticed until the car was finished and out in sunlight.

This is one of the most advanced facilities in the country for film installs.  Their attention to detail and the amount of technology they use in their craft is reflected by the high-quality results of their work.  It’s no surprise that there’s usually at least one million-dollar car in the shop at any time.

AeroWerkZ Paint Protection Film, WrapAeroWerkZ is constantly filled with everything from hypercars and exotics, to sports cars, classic cars, track cars, show cars, and daily drivers.  Whatever you want to protect or change the color of, they can do.

MotoIQ Project NSX 2002 Conversion FXMDProject NSX was recently painted during the 2002 facelift conversion that we covered in Part 8.  We wanted to wrap the car from top to bottom in Paint Protection Film (PPF) before driving it too much and chipping up the fresh paint.

AeroWerkZ recommended Stek Automotive’s premium “DYNOshield” PPF due to its gloss-enhancing, hydrophobic and self-healing characteristics.  The film is very slick to the touch and feels like paint, unlike most of their competitors which feel sticky and tacky when you run your fingers across it.  I was immediately sold on this film once I felt it.

AeroWerkZ is very methodical in their approach to PPF installs.  They wash each car to clean it from debris before performing a full paint correction to ensure the paint’s luster shines through the PPF.  As you can see from the following video, our brand-new paint had a significant room for improvement in terms of clarity.  But before they do this, AeroWerkZ measures and documents the thickness of the paint before polishing it down so they know how aggressive they can be with the buffing as to not burn through the clearcoat. Then they carefully install and cut the film.

Check out the process:


We were ecstatic with the result.  From the deep shine from the paint correction, to the extremely slick feeling of the Stek PPF.  You can’t even feel that there is PPF on the car, the Stek film is that impressive.  AeroWerkZ wrapped the front radiator outlet in Stek’s “DYNOcarbon”, which is actually a real, woven material that looks just like carbon fiber and has the same hydrophobic characteristics as their “DYNOshield” PPF.

We liked the new aggressive look, performance, and especially the peace of mind that we can now drive our car on the street and the track without worry of chipping up the paint.  Just as importantly, wrapping the entire car makes washing it a breeze.  The self-healing PPF does not need anywhere near the maintenance or care when washing a car as you do to raw paint to prevent swirl marks.  That just might be as beneficial as the protection against rock chips.

AeroWerkZ NSX Stek PPF and DYNOcarbon wrapOverall, we highly recommend AeroWerkZ if you are looking to protect your car, or change the styling.  If you’re looking into a Paint Protection Film, give the Stek “DYNOshield” a look, it’s truly impressive game-changing stuff.






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