Project Pure Performance E46 Time Attack


You can see how tight the fit of the cage to the roof and A pillars is here.  You can also see how the cage passes through the firewall to tie to the tops of the shock towers.  When the cage is finished, gussets will tie the cage to the A Pillars and firewall.
You can see how the shock towers are fully triangulated to the top and bottom of the cages front legs and dash bar.  This really helps stiffness of the car in both bending and torsion and still allows the front of the car to progressively crumple in a really bad crash. The tubes going from the top of the shock towers to the bottom of the cage legs also help prevent wheel well intrusion of the front tires in a severe crash.  This is actually pretty common in unibody race cars and we know a couple of people who have had their lower extremities badly injured because of this.
You can see the generous use of tube gussets at critical junctures here. We also did a rally style bar to back up the A pillar tubes.  This greatly helps prevent roof collapse in a multiple rollover situation.  You can see the overall tight fit of the tubes as well.  Wherever the tubes come close to the body structure, they are seam welded in place. Precise mitering and tig welding helps assure that our cage will be strong by minimizing the welds heat affected zone.
Taco gussets are used at the juncture of the side X bars to help give more ultimate impact strength. The gussets will be dimple die punched to give them more stiffness. You can see how the main hoop is tied into the floor and the frame rail for more strength and stiffness.

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