Project Pure Performance E46 Time Attack


Our cage makes extensive use of triangulation for the most strength with the least amount of material. Instead of a single rear diagonal, we used an X to reinforce the main hoop.  The rear shock towers are triangulated to the main hoop at the top and bottom with the bottom tubes coupling into the side impact bars.
The rear suspension crossmember bolts to the cage via this structure for maximum stiffness. It is triangulated through the rear shock towers and the main cage structure.
Another view showing the large amount of room between the driver and the cage in addition to the tight fit between the cage and the roof.  The car is really tied together from front to back.  The roof skin has been removed as a carbon skin will be bonded on later.
Another view of the cars structure in an earlier state of construction.

In coming segments of Project TIme Attack E46 we will delve into the suspension and brakes from Motion Control and Stoptech.


Pure Performance

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