Project SEMA Scion Tuner Challenge FR-S: Easy Power with an Unorthodox Racing Pulley


We removed the front pulley bolt.  Howard has a cool impact driver that can hammer off things in tight places and it took the bolt off with ease.  We have done things like put cars in a high gear, stepped on the brakes and used a breaker bar just fine as well if you don’t have Howard’s cool tool.
Since the crank is not tapered the pulley comes right off without a puller.
You can see the stock pulley vs the Unorthodox part here.  The new pulley feels like it weighs nothing compared to the stock iron part.
The new pulley slips right in place.
The stock bolt is torqued down to factory specs.  Howard used his impact driver then a torque wrench but we have just used a torque wrench with the car in high gear with the brakes on before with good results.
The new pulley is now ready to go.

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