Project SEMA Scion Tuner Challenge FR-S: Easy Power with an Unorthodox Racing Pulley


Put the new belt on and tighten up the idler to tension it.
Put the intake stuff back on and you are done!
With everything bolted up we strapped the FR-S to our dyno to see what the Unorthodox pulley would do.  Would it make the claimed power? We were actually somewhat skeptical.
Wow, the Unorthodox pulley delivered!  With a peak of 152 whp and 122 lb ft of torque, the pulley put out a gain of 4-6 whp and 4-7 lb/ft of torque across the board for a lot of gain in area under the curve.  This is a huge bang for the buck difference.  We repeatedly ran the car on the dyno scores of times to see if the power levels were stable as the FR-S/BRZ is notorious for dialing out power gains done by engine mods.  We were happy to report that as long as the coolant temperature was maintained, the power gains were consistent.

We were super pleased with the results of our Unorthodox Racing Pulley install.  While we enjoyed the power we got from the pulley, we did not find any negative attributes to the pulley install at all.  There were no detectable increases in noise or vibration nor any idle instability, we just noted that the engine revved faster and that was about it.  The FA20 engine can be pretty finicky and doesn’t take to bolt on modifications well without some ECU tuning but we found that the Unorthodox Pulley worked fine without anything special and delivered a big bang for the buck.

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Unorthodox Racing

Wilwood Brakes

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Bridgestone Tires


KW Suspension


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