Project Sim Racer: Part 5 – Triple the Threat with Advanced SimRacing
shiny black plastic mouse pad attached to t-slot
I opted to get a mouse pad.

It was cheap, and I definitely use the mouse a lot to choose options in the sim, to get things ready, and more. Sure, I’m not going to sit for extended periods of time trying to use the computer like a regular computer with this mouse pad, but it’s nice to have it. The shifter mount will go just in front of this.


black bent tray, t-slot tubes, fasteners, laying on carpet
This is the Advanced SimRacing keyboard tray.

It is a really thoughtfully designed unit. It has a swinging bracket and an angled piece of steel to give you a lot of flexibility in positioning the keyboard. As the shifter bracket is on the right, the keyboard would end up being mounted on the left. Again, consult ASR’s pictorial assembly instructions and you’ll be in business quickly.


view from above, showing some of racing seat, sim steering wheel with formula rim attachment, and keyboard tray attached to t-slot stands
This is what the keyboard, steering wheel, and pedals look like once they are attached.

It’s probably not quite time for worrying about cable management. Next, getting the triple monitors roughed in is probably best.


triangular plasma cut powdercoated black brackets sitting on t-slot with two monitors abutted at an angle, viewed from above
Here is a close-up of the bracketry provided for attaching the side monitor arms to the main frame.

Because of the T-slot extrusion and the holes and slots in the bracket, you get a lot of adjustability of the monitors. By sliding things around with respect to one another, the side monitor angle can be adjusted in relation to the center monitor.

There are a number of FOV/monitor angle calculators out there, but this is the one that I used. What I will say is that this is just a starting point. While the calculator is telling me my setup is right, I am not quite in love with it. You will end up making adjustments later once you start using everything. In fact, you’ll adjust EVERYTHING several times once you start using it.


black bracket with slots, black sim racing shifter assembly, ratchet, allen keys
Here is the shifter bracket. It is compatible with most name-brand shifters.

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