Project Sim Racer: Part 5 – Triple the Threat with Advanced SimRacing
yellow tape measure against two pieces of t-slot joined with triangle brackets
In some cases, you use a measuring tape to position two pieces relative to one another.

Here I am positioning the vertical stand on the long foot. Advanced SimRacing (ASR) provides pictorial instructions on their website that show you how to assemble everything. It really is as easy as following the pictures.


red level sitting on top of t-slot tube
It’s a good idea to level the crossbar that holds the central monitor.

The other two monitors will be mounted on their own crossbars that are attached to the central bar. If the central bar isn’t level, nothing else will be, either.


close up of black plasma cut powdercoated VESA bracket sitting on t-slot tube with television on floor in background
Here’s an example of one of the machined components that ASR designed – the VESA mount.

This VESA mount has a right-angle at the bottom that attaches to the T-slot, and ASR offers a couple of different VESA patterns to suit your needs. In my case, I am using cheap LCD TVs that I bought many years ago. Actual computer monitors are lighter and use smaller hex cap screws to attach to the VESA mount, so I had to drill mine to fit. If you’re using actual monitors, you won’t need to do this.


sparkle gray triple monitor stand with sparco bucket seat sitting on floor underneath it
This is the assembled monitor stand, with an old Sparco seat for reference.

This Sparco seat came out of Project SC300 when we upgraded all the safety equipment thanks to Sabelt. I had two that were just sitting around, so I decided to put one to good use! Advanced SimRacing also sells bucket seats, but I had these, so there was no reason to buy one. While the ASR seats are not FIA approved, these Sparco seats are long expired, anyway. I think the likelihood of a fatal crash in my office is pretty low.

With the monitor stand finished, the main cockpit assembly could start.

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