Project SR E30: Part 5 – Installing the SR20
BMW E30 vs modified VW Fox brake booster comparison
The shaft length is now identical to factory! Just keep in mind that we are comparing the distance from the firewall mounting point to the tip of the shaft. The VW Fox booster is obviously skinnier, that’s the whole point.
Drilling out BMW E30 brake booster clevis
Since we just made actuator shaft threads bigger, we have to do the same to the clevis. We begin by drilling out the clevis threads.
Tapping BMW E30 brake booster clevis
Next, we tapped the clevis to 7/16-20.
VW Fox brake booster with shortened actuator and clevis
And voila! Such a simple solution!
E30 manual pedal box
Before we can install the brake booster, we need to swap out the pedal box. This E30 was originally an automatic, so we picked up this manual E30 pedal box off craigslist and installed it.
BMW E30 with VW Fox brake booster installed
We test fit the new brake booster and the old master cylinder.
VW Fox brake booster with modified clevis installed on E30
And good news! The clevis fits perfectly!
BMW E30 ABS module lines
We also installed the ABS module with all of the brake lines. We took lots of reference pictures before removing it since the all the lines can get confusing.


  1. Hey just a heads up: when using a bolt and nut with Nord-Lock washers, you require a Nord-Lock washer on the bolt and the nut. There was a video posted up by the Nord-Lock group explaining how and when to use their washers. Looks like you only have one on the nut.

  2. Are there any special considerations for using a brake booster from and NA on a turbo car? I’m finding very little information on this topic. I’m installing a B210 brake booster on my 4G63 turbo swapped Datsun 510. Although this booster swap seems common in the 510 world, very few people have information to share about making it “turbo safe”.

  3. really nice work guys!! Techline coatings makes a really effective coating for manifolds.. The effect is two fold. You’ll get about 100 degree drop in temp off the surface of the manifold and increase velocity of gases and aid throttle response. Also, the gold isn’t very effective. The silver heat reduction material :DEI heat shielding….is much more effective. So you would coat all you manifolds, Turbo housing (hot side) and if you want to get fancy you would coat all the parts you want to keep cool in their thermal dispersant coatings to shed heat. There stuff really work.. I’ve used them .. No affiliation what so ever

    1. Thanks for the advice, we will definitely look into that. Currently we were planning on using DEI’s Form-a-Shield thermal barrier to help protect the brake master.

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