Project STurdteen: Installing KW Clubsport Coilovers


First step is to remove the old HKS Hipermax II coilovers!  The old Hypermax II coilover is a good unit, but it is more of a street setup and too soft for serious drift use.

Although the old coilovers were in good condition, they are quite dated, calibrated for street use and being single adjustable, they don’t allow for the same level as adjustability as the Clubsports.

The KW Clubsports are a twin tube design vs the HKS Monotube. Note that the HKS shock does not have a tender spring. We have found that a tender spring can help with grip on the non-loaded side of the chassis.

On the KW Clubsport, the rebound damping adjustment is found at the top. There are 16 clicks of adjustment and each click is a pretty feelable, distinct jump. The HKS shocks adjustments are not as feelable, and the total adjustment range is less.


The HKS shock has a schirader valve to adjust the gas pressure which is somewhat unusual. The KW Clubsport has a dustcover over the lower compression damping adjuster.

The compression damping adjuster is an easy to reach star wheel with 16 clicks.  Each click makes a pretty big difference and the KW has a huge adjustment range.


Here, Howard Watanabe is preparing to install the rear KW Clubsport coilover.
Howard carefully places the body of the coilover in between the Parts Shop Max rear suspension components. Stay tuned for an upcoming article on the installation of all these parts!

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