Project STurdteen: Installing KW Clubsport Coilovers


Now onto the front! Howard removes the old HKS Hipermax II coilovers.
The cool thing about the Clubsports is that they have a short body so the car can be lowered without losing any wheel travel. This allows us drift kids that really care about stance and wheel fitment to fulfill our ultimate goals in life– to look cool and be functional.
Due to the PSM parts allowing a lot of steering angle, which is critical in today’s high-angle style of drifting, we had to use their upper mount instead of the KW camber plate. The PSM upper mount lets us reduce the caster angle and space the strut assembly outward to run a wide front track for both stability and tire angle clearance. For a drift car running close to 70 degrees of steering angle, you need to reduce caster or your wheel tilt will build up to extreme angles near full lock and you will be running on the very corner of your tread.

Howard removed the KW camber plates and replaced them with the PSM top mounts. The PSM top mount brings the coilover upper mounting point center to the outside edge of the front strut’s three mounting bolt circle. This also falls in line with Formula Drift’s rule book.

Just an FYI– if you’re running a different coilover that doesn’t match the PSM top plates, they also sell adaptor sleeves to fit many other brands of coilovers. PSM also sells their own coilover that uses drift specifc valving and spring rates developed by none other than Matt Field.
The PSM top plate is NOW installed and the entire KW coilover is ready to be installed on the Turd.

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