Project Toyota Supra Mark IV: Part 13 – Nardi steering wheel plus more Stu Hagen and Speedhut gauges!


Our first order of business was removing the factory four-spoke steering wheel. It just isn’t sporty enough for a car of this caliber anymore. In order to keep things factory-Toyota, Many Supra owners have switched to a genuine TRD wheel, but today they're fetching prices anywhere from a grand to $6k! That's going to be out of the price range for most.

Before dealing with any airbag steering wheel, make sure that the battery is completely disconnected and all the juice is out of the system. To be certain we were safe, we disconnected the negative terminal to our Optima Yellow Top 51 battery and pressed the brake pedal for a few seconds to drain any residual current.

The 350-mm Nardi Challenge wheel was also ordered with a Supra hub and adaptor ring to fit onto the Supra. It comes with all of the necessary hardware for installation. At just $245, plus the hub and adaptor, it's really a nice bang for your buck.

Originally, I thought the Corbeau RRB seats featured in Part 12 had carbon vinyl that appeared more silver, due to its site's photos. Because of that, and the fact that our original Stu Hagen gauge design was going to have a silver tach gauge, I had initially chosen the Nardi “Basic” steering wheel above, with its perforated black leather and brushed aluminum spokes. But when our seats arrived, and I realized the vinyl was actually pretty dark in color–which made me happier–I stayed with a darker wheel. Plus, this wheel was going to be a little more expensive than the others I was leaning toward anyway.

And so, I was going back and forth between the “Challenge” wheel we ordered, and the “Twin” Nardi wheel you see here. If you prefer more perforated leather, the Twin is the wheel for you.  My wife, however, convinced me the Challenge looked just a bit more up to date. Okay, this was the only time she had any say in anything related to this car (um, except for allowing me to buy the Supra in the first place).

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