Project Toyota Supra Mark IV: Part 13 – Nardi steering wheel plus more Stu Hagen and Speedhut gauges!


When the gauge arrived from Speedhut we got right to it. Since this gauge would be replacing the factory clock (which in our case had a water/oil dual temp gauge previously installed in its place) we simply used the clock's wiring to hook it up and heat shrink-wrapped the connection points to ensure it wouldn’t come apart. White goes to dash lighting (and connects to the green/orange factory clock wire), red goes to keyed ignition “on” (blue/purple on clock) and black of course is ground (which connects to white-with-orange-dots clock wire).

The supplied black wire, which leads to the peak recall button, is also connected to the right side of the back of the gauge.

Our pretty Hypertune intake manifold featured in Part 4 was set up with easy access to the vacuum ports from underneath, but we were able to use a vacuum line from our boost gauge previously installed in the air vent next to the clock. Therefore, nothing had to be routed through the firewall, saving us some time.

The 2 5/8-in (66-mm) boost gauge is designed from Speedhut to fit in either a 2.062-in hole (52-mm), which the clock is, or a 2 5/8-in hole. Therefore, we didn’t have to do any drilling or cutting either!

Here’s our new, custom designed Speedhut boost gauge installed!

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