Project Toyota Supra Mark IV: Part 13 – Nardi steering wheel plus more Stu Hagen and Speedhut gauges!


If you’re into nice ties or dress shoes you will appreciate this label. Or maybe you're frugal and married to a total gold digger. If so, you'll hate it. Either way, you've heard it said before, “Italians do it better”. Well this goes for steering wheels, too. The Nardi Challenge wheel is legit.

JHP USA sent us a Momo hub for a Supra steering column. To make the Nardi wheel fit, we'll be fastening the JHP “Nardi-to-Momo” ring you see in the background. Nardi doesn't have an adapter for its steering wheels to fit the MKIV Toyota Supra, so this is the secret to installing one of its wheels on a Toyota Supra.

This is the hub with the JHP Momo/Nardi adapter ring now attached, thanks to the six small machine screws that have 3mm Allen heads.

Removing a Supra’s steering wheel is surprisingly simple. First, using a screwdriver, take out the tabs on either side of the steering wheel next to the turn signals. This will expose the screw that is to be removed from each side, which will release the airbag.

The two screws on either side will require a Torx socket.

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