Project Trailer-All Done and Using It!


If you have owned several trailers you know that the lights are always getting broken or damaged so Shadow Trailers made our lights flush and integral to the frame.  They are also rubber mounted for vibration resistance and use bright LED bulbs so they won't tax your electrical system.

We have actually had idiots hit our trailer before so Shadow put plenty of clearance lights all around the trailer and like the taillights these are flush mounted, rubber isolated LED's.  No fear about electrical demand, LED's used about 1/4 the amount of power as regular bulbs.

We wanted some storage on the trailer so Shadow fabricated this custom aluminum box.  It serves a few functions.  It protects the towed car from rock chips thrown up from the tow vehicle's rear tires, it holds tools, tie downs and other stuff and it contains the battery and winch.

Here is the front view of the trailer box.  It's TIG welded from lightweight aluminum diamond plate and is lockable.
We have an onboard electric winch for pulling cars with expensive multi disc clutches up the ramp.

The winch and a deep cycle marine battery that powers the electric brakes, the winch and the trailer jack live in the tool box.  The issue we have with the winch is that you have to manage the cable carefully so it doesn't wad up on the spool while winching something in.  If you do this bad, you might have to disassemble the winch to get it all back again.

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