Project Trailer-All Done and Using It!


Another very cool feature that Shadow added was this folding tongue.  We had our tongue made extra long to clear our tailgate and to help us turn tighter without the fear of jackknifing. The longer tongue also makes our trailer more stable at speed.  To save storage space so it can fit in a driveway or crowded shop better, the tongue folds. It can be locked in the folded position to make the trailer a lot harder to steal.

Our deck is made of lightweight and rust resistant diamond plate aluminum.  Although our trailer has a pretty beefy frame, the deck is about half the weight of a steel one.  Our trailer weighs about 1800 lbs. Not exactly light but it will never break and can be depended on even during long cross country trips.  Most peoples trailers are all rusty and look like crap due to cheap paint.  Our trailer is powdercoated and looks brand new even after being stored outside for a year.

Alloy wheels don't rust and look cool.  Our trailer has 4 wheel electric brakes and and oil bath sealed and pressurized self adjusting vault hubs that will never need servicing. Instead of grease, vault hubs have an oil reservoir and the oil is pumped through the bearings lubing them and keeping them cool.  This is way better than a traditional greased bearing.

Storing the spare is always a problem on trailers.  We have had the spares stolen on every trailer we have owned due to it being out in the open.  Our trailer has a hidden below deck rack for the spare.

The spare rack pivots downward for easy access, another Shadow detail that make our trailer cool.

Flush mounted tie down locations in the deck are pretty sweet.

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