Project Trailer-All Done and Using It!


This rack holds two 5 gallon gas jugs and is lockable.  This frees up room in the truck bed and gets the gas out of the truck.

After spending a lot of time cranking trailer jacks in our life, we decided to splurge and get a powered jack to help speed loading and to be easier on our backs.  Our trailer jack also has built in LED lighting that helps illuminate the hitch area at night.  This is very handy when trying to hook up in the dark.  We absolutely love this feature.

We use this billet aluminum height adjustable receiver hitch.  It is very versatile and can take two ball sizes and work with many different trucks.  Being aluminum it won't look like a rusty piece of crap any time soon and it's not that heavy.  Notice that all of our trailer pins are leashed to the trailer on wire lanyards.  Everyone who has owned a trailer knows that safety pins are always misplaced.  How often have you been delayed leaving somewhere because no one knows where the pins are and you are scrounging up bolts and cotter pins to temporally act as pins?  We use safety cables instead of chains because they don't kink up or end up dragging on the ground.

The trailer's wiring is run cleanly through the chassis in most places.  This protects it and looks damn good.  The wiring for the connection to the truck comes out of this doghouse on the front of the trailer.  Most of you know that the wiring between the trailer and truck gets trashed and turns into a mess pretty quick.  Our power cord is super heavy duty and if it gets damaged, it simply plugs into the trailer and the truck so it can be replaced without cutting and splicing the trailer harness.  This is a clean Shadow Trailer detail.

This is our safety break away switch.  If the hitch fails, the cable will pull the pin and the on board battery will apply the trailer's brakes.

The safety cables clip here when the trailer is not being used so they wont get tangled or trashed.  Details like this set Shadow trailers apart from the cheapo ones.

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