Project VA WRX: Finishing the Suspension With Superpro


The bolts holding the outer pivot of the lower control arm are loosened.
The front sway bar is wiggled out of the top of the front subframe.  It can be done without dropping the front subframe if you get the front of the car high enough off the ground so you can turn and move the swaybar fore and after while tilted down and turning.
With some maneuvering the front swaybar is out!
The Superpro front swaybar in addition to being 2mm thicker than stock and adjustable, is straighter with less bends in the middle.  This alone would make it stiffer than the stock bar.
We wrapped some teflon tape around the parts of the bar where the bushings ride on. This reduces stiction and eliminates squeaking and creaking.
Howard lubricated the swaybar bushings with silicone grease and put them in place.

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