Project VA WRX: Finishing the Suspension With Superpro


Darin checked and set the rear toe at zero.  On a strut equipped AWD car we typically start with an alignment setting very similar to a FWD car as our baseline. 
We had Vince, our FNG, wash the car so we could take some lead type shots.
Our car looks awesome with its big brakes, good wheel fitment and nice suspension!

With our new front bar our car was finally a well balanced machine.  With the corrected roll center and the new bars, there is very little body roll.  The Tein Flex Zs give a supple controlled ride with the NT05's giving a lot of grip.

We went a couple of clicks stiffer on the shocks and are amazed how well the car handles and the level or ride quality for the amount of body motion control we get.  There is little understeer and good turn in.

The car does follow the road crown and tramlines a little more than stock but that is to be expected with wide tires and a somewhat aggressive street alignment. We will take these minor tradeoffs any day for the vastly improved handling we now have.

Stay tuned, now that our chassis can support it, we will turn our attention to the engine and getting more power out of our 2 liter FA20B engine with some help from AEM Intakes and Cobb Tuning.

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Nitto Tire

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