Project VA WRX: Finishing the Suspension With Superpro


Once our suspension parts were all in place we took the WRX down to Westend Alignment to get the wheels all pointing in the right directions. Darin Nishimura of Westend first set our tire pressures to be equal all the way around.
Next Darin checked our our front camber settings to see where the car was at before proceeding with adjustment.
We had Darin set our front camber to 3 degrees negative.  If we cared a lot about tire life on the street we would have gone with 2 to 2.5 degrees and for track use we would have went from 3.5 to 4 degrees negative.
Next Darin checked our rear camber before adjusting it.
Darin set our rear camber at 1.75 degrees negative using our Superpro adjustable lower ocntrol arms.
Darin checked our toe settings with a toe bar.  We had Darin set the front toe at 1/8″ toe out. 

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