Project VA WRX: Finishing the Suspension With Superpro


Howard snakes the Superpro front bar into place in the same way that the stock bar came out. 
Howard punched out the stock lower control arm bushings and front ball joints on a hydraulic press.
You can see how the longer shanked Superpro part compares to the stock balljoint as far as relocating the pivot point.
The front and rear lower control arm bushings are pushed into place in the press.
The Superpro bushing is offset to cant the lower control arm forward to increase the front caster. It is important to get this bushing in the right position or it could reduce caster.
This spacer lowers the rear control arm pivot point to reduce the amount of anti dive in the front suspension geometry. Anti dive effectively binds the suspension under braking torque input which resists dive but also increases the front wheel rate. This can cause understeer and a loss of mechanical grip on bumpy turns due to tire shock. OEM cars with soft springs and damping use anti dive to prevent excessive dive but once you raise spring rates and shock control, it is more of a hindrance. 

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