Project VA WRX: Upgrading the bushings and swaybars with Superpro Part 1


The major difference between the stock and the Superpro lower arms besides the polyurethane bushing is that the Superpro arm has a slotted inner pivot hole to accommodate adjustment in camber with the new eccentric that replaced the stock mounting bolt. 
The Superpro rear sway bar is a good fitting high quality part that is 3 way adjustable and 22mm in diameter vs the 20mm of the stock part.  In the stiff position it offers nearly 80% more stiffness than the stock bar.
The Superpro bar matches the stock bends and has collars to keep the bar from shifting from right to left, an important feature. 
You can see the position of the adjusting holes of the Superpro bar relative to the stock bar here in this picture.
The Superpro end links have hard urethane bushings but they have these grooves molded into them to allow some degree of articulation to reduce bind.
Here are the stock and Superpro end links side by side.  Notice that the Superpro parts are larger in diameter and stronger as well.

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