Project VA WRX: Upgrading the bushings and swaybars with Superpro Part 1


The spindle bushing is pushed in by hand after being greased up.  The other spindle bushing is actually a rubber booted spherical bearing which is quite nice and hence left stock.
The front of the trailing arm is bolted back in place.
The lower control arm is reinstalled. 
This picture shows how the camber adjusting eccentric retainers are cleverly stamped into the lower arm so that no messing around with the crossmember is needed.
The toe link is reinstalled as well as the spindle itself.  For the rest of the bushing installations, it is easier to remove the crossmember itself from the car. 
The upper control arm bushings have an inner steel sleeve that is eccentric to allow additional camber adjustment up top.  Since we feel that we have plenty of camber adjustment in the lower arm, we will use these bushings to reduce anti squat which should have a small but noticeable impact on improving corner exit traction. 

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