Project VA WRX: Upgrading the bushings and swaybars with Superpro Part 1


With the bushings installed it is time to reinstall the differential.
These Superpro parts are lock rings for the main subframe bushings.  They take up the voids in the stock subframe bushings making them much stiffer laterally while still allowing some movement to absorb vibrations and road harshness. 
As you can see the bushing collars are lubed and install at the tops and bottoms of the OEM bushings. They will greatly limit movement. 
This steel tabbed spacer keeps the bushings in the proper orientation and puts an even load on them when the crossmember is bolted down and tight.
The rear suspension is now in place and ready for alignment and set up.

Stay tuned, we will next focus on getting the front suspension together with help from Superpro before we turn our attention to modding other parts of the car.

Read about our Project Intro Here!



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