Project Viper GTS: Part 3 – Baseline Track Testing (Data & Video)


Cornering Pace LapThis is the last corner of the “Pace Lap”.  In the video the corner was not driven very hard, yet the Viper was still able to generate around 1.0 G.
Cornering Better LapLooking at this slightly better lap of the same corner, the Viper was able to sustain well over 1.0 G with periods of 1.10 Gs.
Cornering LeftIn Turn 4 on another lap, the Viper sustained 1.10 G for a most of the corner before accelerating out of the corner.  These are similar cornering G’s to the McLaren MP4-12C that we reviewed at Buttonwillow.
Cornering Turn 5In turn 5 of the “Pace Lap”, I sawed at the wheel to demonstrate understeer and the car produced spikes of 1.16 Gs and sustaining over 1.0 G easily.

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