Project Civic EF Racecar: Part 3 – Preparation For First MPTCC Race

Project Civic EF Racecar: Part 3 – Preparation for First MPTCC Race

by Clint Boisdeau

With the first MotoIQ Pacific Tuner Car Championship race weekend approaching fast after the initial shakedown at Buttonwillow Raceway in part 2 (If you missed part 2, check it out here!), Project Civic EF Racecar had a laundry list of modifications, parts installs, and safety preparation to take care of.  In retrospect as I write this article, I’m truly shocked but also proud how it all came together.  But during the process, I was under a lot of stress.  With not only a significant amount of mechanical changes happening to the car, but also a big exterior overhaul, the scheduling had to be extremely precise.  The collaborative effort between myself, principal sponsors, and contributing shops was the only way Project EF made it to the MPTCC grid.  Here’s the story as to how it all came together, right down to the wire.

Promptly after the Buttonwillow test day, Project EF was back up on jackstands to have the Fortune Auto 510 coilovers removed so they could be sent back to Fortune Auto for some upgrading.  Speaking with F-A, they wanted to convert my single adjustable 510 series coilovers to Pro Dreadnought double adjustables with external reservoirs and valved for stiffer springs from Swift.  Having a “2-way” adjustable damper gives me the opportunity for much more precise motion control tuning then with a single adjustable damper.  With compression and rebound being tunable independently, the balance and compliance of Project EF’s handling potential was to improve tenfold.  Also, the higher spring rates will be more suitable for the planned tire grip, future aero load, and over all pace of the car.  


After a quick turnaround from Fortune Auto's service department, I received my “Pro Dreadnought 2-way” double adjustable coilovers which had been converted from my 510 series single adjustable dampers.  The bottom mounts, top hats, adjustment collars, and damper bodies were inspected, cleaned, and reused.  The internal damper valving, the addition of the external reservoirs, and springs are all new.
During the inquiry process for the “2-way” and “3-way” coilovers, the external reservoir line length is customizable per whatever you need.  From the measuring I did for Project EF, 30 inch lines sufficed for my mounting plans.  But whatever line length you need depending on the space constraints of your build, F-A will accommodate. 
Not sure what F-A was intending with naming the coilovers “Dreadnought”, but if it has anything to do with the World War 1 era British battleships that changed the Navy warfare game in the early 1900s, then that's a good enough reference for me. 
The concept of F-A's coilovers being “bespoke” and “modular” is being able to convert any of their 500 or 510 series single adjustable dampers to 2 or 3 way capable by implementing the adjustable external reservoir via the swivel fitting that attaches to the bottom of the damper body.  The bottom suspension mount receives a cutout to accommodate this feature.

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