Project Viper GTS: Part 6 – Corsa Exhaust and Kooks Green Cats


RareFab Florida FabricationRareFab owner Will is one of the most meticulous and knowledgeable fabricators/mechanics in South Florida.  At any time, you can find everything from SLC Lightweights, to Muscle Cars and even Ferraris and Lamborghinis in his shop having anything made from custom turbo manifolds, intercoolers, and turbo kits to exhaust and engine swaps.
Viper GTS Rear Exhaust RemovalWill begins the exhaust work by removing the two bolts that connect the pipes to the custom hangers.
Viper Differential ExhaustThe next step is to unbolt the clamps that connect the rear section to the factory side pipes.
Viper GTS Exhaust RemovedWith the rear section removed, we can turn our attention to removing the side sills.
Viper GTS Side Sill RemovalOn top of the side sill are four plastic plugs that pop up to expose the 10mm screw.
Viper GTS Unbolt Side SillA deep 10mm socket is all that’s needed to remove the sheetmetal screws. The Viper is literally glued and screwed together.
Viper GTS Front Sill BoltsOpening the hood exposes the two front screws that need to be removed.

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