Project Viper GTS: Part 6 – Corsa Exhaust and Kooks Green Cats


Viper Under Sill BoltsUnderneath the sill are a few more screws.  Once these are removed, the sill slides right out.  It’s best to use two people since the sill is so long and awkward.
Viper GTS Side Sill Heat ShieldWith the sill removed, you can see the heat damage around the catalytic converter and poor condition of the factory heat shielding.  This is with less than 9,000 miles on the clock!
Viper GTS Stock ExhaustThe stock side muffler is quite large and almost equaled in size by the massive catalytic converter.  It’s easy to understand why the car is a notorious leg-burner with such massive components that close to the bodywork.
Viper GTS Resonator RemovalAfter unbolting the clamp the side muffler slides right off.
Viper GTS Cat RemovalThere’s a two bolt flange that connects the cat section to the header.  After unbolting them the cats are easily removed.
Viper GTS Side Sill Heat Damage CatJust like on the side sills, the inner heat shielding shows significant heat damage caused by the cats.  The multi-layer metal shielding has a tendency to warp and comes in contact with the cat itself, transferring far more heat into the chassis and cabin by conduction.  Our car looks bad (and it is), but this damage is minor compared to most Vipers out there.  If your Viper has hot foot wells, your heat shielding is probably touching the cats, and in addition, a clogged cat will make it even worse.

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