Project Viper GTS: Part 6 – Corsa Exhaust and Kooks Green Cats


Viper GTS Side Resonator InsideInside the factory muffler, you can see the “S”-bend the exhaust flow has to take.  The perforated tubing is wrapped in sound absorbing material like most mufflers.
Viper GTS Corsa Muffler InsideBy comparison, Corsa utilizes a straight, smooth tube for far better flow and increased power.  Note the six slots at the end of the resonator, sound waves enter these slots and are exposed to specifically tuned chambers to cancel out frequencies to reduce drone, volume, and improve the pitch and quality of the exhaust note.  There’s a lot more going on than simply ‘muffling’ the sound with loose packing like wool or fiberglass, which tends to break down and blow out of the back.  Not only is this a more advanced and ‘tuned’ exhaust, it’s also more durable.

CORSA Performance re-wrote the book for what a performance exhaust should be with the launch of their RSC (Reflective Sound Cancellation) Technology in 1998.  Corsa has the unique ability to selectively target and eliminate resonant frequencies that cause drone by reflecting sound waves out of phase, while custom tuning the exhaust note.  Since its debut, Corsa has invested countless resources developing proprietary tools used in Perfecting the Science of Sound.

Viper GTS Corsa Rear Muffler v Cat DeleteAt the rear of the car is another pair of resonators to further fine tune the pitch and quiet down the sound before exiting through a beautiful pair of exhaust tips.
Viper GTS Corsa Kooks Green Cat HeatShield ProductsWith everything installed and bolted up, our exhaust looks ten times better, especially covered in Heatshield Products, which we will cover in a future article.
Viper GTS Corsa H-PipeCorsa Performance is one of the few exhaust companies that installed this H-pipe crossover tube.  This balances the pulses between each bank to clean up the sound and reduce drone.  The result is having an enjoyably louder exhaust that does not drive you crazy with drone after a long drive.  From the installation of this crossover tube to the outright design and calculations required for the resonating chambers of their packing-less muffler design, the guys at Corsa are acoustic experts and make some of the best sounding exhausts out there.
Corsa Performance Exhaust Viper GTS UnderThe corsa exhaust looks fantastic, from its stainless steel construction to the shape and design of the mufflers, they really know how to make a good looking exhaust.

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