Project Viper GTS: Part 9 – RareFab / Roe Racing Oil Pan Baffle Kit


Viper Gen 2 Oil Pan Depth 8.5qt vs 10qtOnly when sitting side by side can you notice a difference in the depth of the pan.  The ~1” deeper sump allows for an extra 1.5 quarts of capacity.
Viper Gen 2 10qt Oil Pan Bottom from 2000From underneath, we can clearly see the integrated oil pan pickup cast into the pan itself.  Oil is sucked in from the center of the pan and travels forward and up the pan into the oil pump.
Viper Gen 2 10qt pan insideWith the top plate removed, the inside of the pan is identical between the two pans.  Notice the four cast bosses on each corner of the screened oil pan pickup.  While better than nothing, these bosses somewhat help reduce slosh but are perfect for the addition of trap door baffles to make a highly effective baffled oil pan.

The Viper pans have a very rough casting.  Spending some time with a sanding wheel to clean up the sandpaper-like inner surfaces will promote oil return and better flow rather than clinging to the walls and draining back to the pickup slower.


Gen 1 Viper Oil Pan 10qtAs you can see, the Gen-1 Viper oil pan (1992-1995 & 1996 RT/10) had a great design that used four baffles with a small opening between them to create 5 distinct chambers to keep the oil near the pickup and prevent oil starvation.  Unlike Gen-2 cars, the sump in the Gen-1 pan spans the entire length and uses a traditional pickup tube located in the center of the pan.
Viper Gen 2 RareFab Roe Racing Oil Pan Baffle The RareFab / Roe Racing Oil Pan Baffle utilize the factory top plate screws and existing bosses to create a very simple and effective baffled oil pan.


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