Project Viper GTS: Part 9 – RareFab / Roe Racing Oil Pan Baffle Kit


Viper Gen 2 Windage Tray AnalysisWhile the crank is spinning and whipping oil about as it pours out of the engine’s bearings, the five crank scrapers “A” scrape oil which drains down through holes “B” to the Top Plate.  All additional oil that does not drain back to the pan through the crank scraper holes can only drain back to the pan by flowing forward to the 2” gap between the windage tray and the walls of the pan.
On top of a generally poor draining design, oil can get baked up in long left-hand sweeping corners and cause oil starvation since the G-forces pushing to the right prevents the oil from draining back to the left and in to the pan.  This would be even worse accelerating out of a long, left-hand sweeper.
Viper Gen 2 Windage Tray Oil DrainLooking at the side of the windage tray, you can see that the oil has to travel a far horizontal distance to the left (driver’s side) before it can drain back to the pan.  There’s no wonder why the oil gets backed up in left-hand sweepers.
Viper Gen 2 2000 Windage Tray Improved Oil DrainThe 2000-2002 windage tray has a much more open drain back design.   The rounded openings in the five crank scraper holes greatly reduce the distance the oil has to travel to get back to the pan.

In the early 2000’s, Joe Dozzo took the windage tray a step further by drilling out ¾” holes in the bottom of the tray to further increase oil drainage back to the pan.


Viper Gen 2 Oil Windage Tray Joe Dozzo Mod at RareFabFollowing the success of Joe Dozzo, we carefully drilled two ¾” holes in to the bottom of the windage tray.  This should improve the drainage back to the pan, especially on long left-hand sweepers.
Viper Gen 2 97 Windage Tray vs 2000 Joe Dozzo ModOther than the rounded openings, the 97-99 windage tray (left) are virtually identical to the 00-02 windage tray (right).  In fact, they can be modified and cut to match the look and function of the late-model pan.


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